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 The original founders Jay and Keri Liebrock started Sugar Hill Distillery in 2016. They have been Sugar Hill residents since 2013. Jay started his hobby of beekeeping in 2014. He wanted to use the delicious honey to make whiskey and shine. Jay applied for a Federal experimental license and got denied and was told there were enough of those in the market already. That’s when the business plan began…. Years later buying the old Sugar Hill Community Center in the downtown “Shine District” as the home for the Distillery (Sugar Hill Distillery), Brewery (Apparition Brewing), and full-service restaurant (Wunderbar Bierhaus). SHD is the first in the nation to manufacture in the same premise and using the same equipment to distill and brew!

Jay or “JD” to most, is a retired Director of Intelligence in the U.S. Army and an entrepreneur of many ideas. After retiring he wanted to create a legacy for their kids and grandkids to enjoy. He is taking his spirit making skills to a whole new level. He is excited to use his knowledge from the ol’ days in Afghanistan and what he learned after graduating from the esteemed Moonshine University to create delicious spirits.

Late in 2022 Jay and Keri partnered with Joe Magda and Chris Palumbo of Battleground Spirits. Battleground Spirits is a new and exciting line of spirits just coming into the Georgia market and having great success.  Battleground Spirits donates $1 of every bottle sold to Military Veteran and First Responder organizations. Look for Battleground Spirits in your local liquor store, bar or restaurant. 


Jay Liebrock

Co-Founder Sugar Hill Distillery, Apparition Brewing & Wunderbar Bierhaus

Joe Magda

Co-Founder Battleground Spirits

Keri Liebrock

Co-Founder Sugar Hill Distillery, Apparition Brewing & Wunderbar Bierhaus

Chris Palumbo

Co-Founder Battleground Spirits